About Us


Farringdon Parish Council comprises of 9 Councillors

  1.  Chair: Mr Tony Batley
    Specialist Area -Speed Awareness Devices
    Email: tony.batley@farringdonpc.org
  2. Vice-Chair: Mrs Nadine Farris
    Specialist area – safe cycle/footpath to Chawton
    Email: nadine.farris@farringdonpc.org
  3. Mr Andy Clegg
    Email: andy.clegg@farringdonpc.org
  4. Mr David Craig
    Specialist area – new village hall
    Email: david.craig@farringdonpc.org
  5. Ms Alison de Ledesma
    Email: alison.ledesma@farringdonpc.org
  6. Mr David Horton
    Specialist area – new village hall
    Email: david.horton@farringdonpc.org
  7. Mr Phil Mossman
    Email: phil.mossman@farringdonpc.org
  8. Mr Graham Ryan
    Email: graham.ryan@farringdonpc.org
  9. Mr David Williams
    Specialist areas – trees, roads and flooding
    Email: david.williams@farringdonpc.org