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Tender Document – Bases for Picnic Benches

Tender Document.
Invitations are invited from Builders and Contractors and suitably qualified individuals to complete the following works on behalf of Farringdon Parish Council.
To provide bases/plinths for two Picnic Tables for occasional public use at The Children’s Play Area, Parsonage Close, Upper Farringdon.
Picnic tables and Ground Anchor will be purchased by FPC.
Objective of this document. To provide outline specifications for the work and provide a clear statement of what is required, to enable contractors to provide competitive quotes for these works.
Location: Small grassed area at Parsonage Close junction Church Road, Upper Farringdon.
Currently a small area of maintained grass, surrounded with wooden picket fence and high chain-link fence. A double gate in the fence currently provides access for large mowing machinery. The ground is even and has a slight slope.
Access via Church Road, turn left into Parsonage Close and turn sharp right at disused telephone box onto grassed track.
From the A32 Gosport Road, turn left onto byway known as New Road.
See attached photos.
Requirement. Complete ground works to remove TWO areas of grass 2.3 X 2.0 meters to suitable depth.
Remove spoil to licensed disposal site.
● Option 1. Provide reinforced concrete base to be level with the surrounding area. (To enable grass cutting machinery to cut grass without damage and to prevent trip hazard)
● Option 2. Provide sand base and lay small utility grade paving slabs. (To enable grass cutting machinery to cut grass without damage and to prevent trip hazard)
Both options to provide a durable, weed free surface for the placement of each Picnic Bench.
Install the Ground Anchor (supplied by table manufacturer) to prevent benches being moved out of position.
Then, in co-ordination with Parish Council and Manufacturer, be on site to take delivery of assembled benches and secure to a Ground Anchor.
All work to be in compliance with current Health and Safety and safe working practices.
Bidders must be in possession of Suitable Public Liability insurance
All spoil to be removed and area to be reinstated to original condition.
Please provide quotes for this work stating:
● The total and final, all inclusive costs for both options.
● What guarantee period you will offer to rectify any cracks to concrete or breakages to paving or deterioration of mortar joints caused by use, movement or collapse of subsoil beneath or weed penetration through concrete or paving.
● The depth of sand or concrete you will use for this work.
● For Option 2. What make/grade/size of paving you will use.
● Your expected date of commencement of works.
● Your estimate of the duration of the works.
Closing date for submission of quotes is 29th February 2020.
Closing Date for submission of Quotes Now Extended to 30th April 2020
Please reply, by email to:
or in writing to;
The Chairman.
Farringdon Parish Council.
19, Shirnall Meadow.
Lower Farringdon.
GU34 3DY.
Antony Batley.
Chairman and Acting Clerk
Farringdon Parish Council.


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